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The Writer 

Writer's Digest  

  • Writing for Trade and Niche Publications
    September 2018

  • All About Audioboks
    November/December 2017

  • The Expanding Market for Children's Lit
    January 2016 

  • Andrew McCarthy: Off the Beaten Path
    February 2014

  • Writing Basics (Special publication): Article by [Your Name Here]
    Spring 2016

  • Writer's Yearbook 2015

Writing  (UK)

  • Writing Events: Have a Write Good Time
    March 2018

  • 10 Surefire Ways to Strengthen your Writing
    January 2018

  • Sensory Inspiration
    June 2017


5280 Magazine

Fort Collins Magazine


CostCo Connection


The Best of Loveland Magazine

  • Loveland's First Ever Group Wedding
    February 2017

  • The Third Annual Fire & Ice Festival
    February 2017

  • Release Your Inner Child and Say Goodbye to Stress
    January 2016

  • New Year's Resolutions that Work
    January 2016

  • 4 Ways to Nourish Your Soul
    January 2016

  • George Winston, The Man Behind the Music
    December 2016

  • Annual Christmas Walk in the Woods
    December 2016

  • Philo-Serving the Loveland Community Since 1918
    November 2016

  • A Closer Look at Loveland's ArtSpace Lofts
    November 2016

  • Funky Furniture Finds in Loveland
    October 2016

  • 10 Hauntingly Good Things to do in October
    October 2016

Family RVing

Formally Family Motor Coaching Magazine

Family Fun

Chicago Tribune

The Drake 

  • Colorado Fly Fishing School    
    Spring 2012

SkyWest Magazine

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

  • Fort Collins' Old Town    
    April 2001

  • Durango, Colorado    
    March 2001

  • Our Winter Wonderland    
    January/February 2001

  • A Tale Of Cowboys and Indians    
    September/October 2000

  • Think Wine, Think Colorado    
    September/October 2000

Journey Magazine 


  • Kick Off! American Football    
    December 2000

  • Ride 'Em Rodeo    
    August 2000

GRIT Magazine

  • Hydroponics    
    October 2004


  • 20 Things To Do In Las Vegas When You Don't Want to Gamble    
    May/June 2003

Your Hometown Magazine

  • Beginners Guide To Football    
    Sept-Oct 2008

  • The Beauty of Autumn Close to Home    
    Sept-Oct 2008

  • Saddle Up In Parker    
    July-Aug 2008

  • Staycation    
    July-Aug 2008

  • What Freedom Means    
    July-Aug 2008

25 North

  • Golf Side Gourmet    
    March/April 2006

  • In The Game For Life    
    March/April 2006

  • Regional Cardio Centers Arrive at the Heart of Technology    
    January/February 2006

Rocky Mountain Spirit

  • Ken & Judy    Winter 2004

  • Antique Dealers    Summer 2003

Your Family 

  • Fostering Hope     May/June 2003


  • Down By The Bay    January 2003


  • The Threads That Bind 

Online Credits

Birthday Keepsakes Blog

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Book Credits

Writer's Market 2017


Tips for a Great Conference Experience

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
How to Find Success in the Magazine World 

2012, 2013 & 2014
The Art of Promoting: Advice From the Trenches


Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

Making Young Readers Laugh
Debut Illustrators Tell All
Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Debbie Dadey Interview
Laura Resau Interview
Writing About Sensitive Topics 

Sunrise Summits 2016 Poetry Anthology

The Farm
Symphony Concert
Don't Stare at Me


The Water Holds No Scars Anthology

Perfect Day Essay
Page: 112-119


2011 Guide to Literary Agents

Does Location Matter? Three Colorado Agents Weigh In


Chicken Soup for the Soul Books

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Answered Prayers
Pages: 165-167


A Change in Plans
Chicken Soup for the Soul on Being a Parent


What's in a Name
Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul
April 2006


It's Not Windy Enough
Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul
April 2006


God's Caregiver
Chicken Soup for the Caregivers Soul


The Threads That Bind
Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul
April 2006


A Change in Plans
Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman 2
April 2005
Pages: 87-89 

Online Credits
Book Credits

Newspaper Credits

Fort Collins Coloradoan

Support Local Businesses , Economy, Authors at the Same Time
 November 30, 2014


Fort Collins Celebrates Writers, and You Can Too
September 28, 2014


Why writers connect With other writers--
Kerrie Flanagan, June 8, 2014

The Intern's Handbook; A witty thriller-- ,

April 13, 2014


2014 Writer's Conference an inspiring opportunity
 March 9, 2014


Fort Collins Adds 2 New Poet Laureates
January 7, 2012


Women Fly Fishers
December 17, 2011


Stephen Cannell Interview
March 14 2010

Polaris Trash Talkers
February 2010


Coloradoan Monthly Column 
Written as the PR Representative for the FCCVB
21 total columns


Fort Collins Forum

Teresa Funke: Doing Her Part-November, 2007

Desiree Elting: Photographic Artist -October 2007

History on Tap -September 2007

New Music College Measures Up -August 2007

70 Years of Delicious Service -August 2007

The Door is Always Open-July 2007

Schools In -June 2007

Neighbor To Neighbor -May 10, 2007

March of Dimes -May 10, 2007

A Chance to Learn From Nationally Renowned Writers 
Jan. 11, 2007


Sizing Up Fort Collins Schools-Jan. 11, 2007

Partners in Education-Aug/Sept 2006 

City Seeks Brand Identity-July 2006

Pioneer School Makes History-May 2006

The Return of the Neighborhood Store-April 2006

Writers on the Range-March 2006

Dust, Sweat & Tears-March 2006

Newspaper Credits
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