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Support, tools, accountability, and expertise to propel writers toward success

Writing can feel overwhelming and isolating at times. I can help by providing support, accountability and 20+ years experience and knowledge in the publishing industry. I have worked with many writers over the years to help them move past the barriers keeping them from success, and guiding them to create the writing life they always dreamed of having. 

Contact me if you are struggling with your writing and you need extra support to move you toward writing success. 

Kerrie’s class on writing for magazines was so engaging, I decided to contact her afterward for writing consultation, and I absolutely love working with her. She has a wonderful style and provides excellent ideas for improving writing and positioning yourself with editors. Thanks to her guidance, my first article has just been published in a national publication. 


Caroline Silver Börjesson

Freelance Writer

It was in my brain, I didn’t know how to put it in print. Kerrie knew exactly how to get me started and, two books later, I’m working on number 3. My time with Kerrie has opened  a new world for me. Proud to have her as a consultant.

Kim Curry
Author of, Come Get Me Mother, I'm Through and The Death of Fairness

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