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Interviews & Guest Posts

I love talking to other writers and sharing my experiences. Here is a list of blogs and websites where I was interviewed or I was a guest blogger. 

Conjuring Magic in your Writing
Julie Hoyle Podcast

Guest on The Self-Publishing Formula Podcast
Why Two Authors are Better than One

Guest on EDGE podcast with Brandon White

On Writing & Getting Published

Guest on podcast: Pivot and Thrive
Achieve Your Writing Goals

Interview about my writing with Karen McCoy, The Writer Librarian
October 2019

How to Boost Your Author Platform by Writing for Magazines: Colleen Story's blog, Writer CEO
August 2019

Featured Writer of the Week: Gotham Ghostwriters
July 2019

Author2Author with Kerrie Flanagan: Bill Kennower's Podcast
February 2019

Two are Better Than One; Tips for a Successful Co-Author Partnership: Patricia Stoltey's Blog
December 2018

Co-Authoring with the Writers Behind C. K. Wiles: Stark Reflections Podcast
November 2018

Writing and Selling Magazine Articles with Kerrie Flanagan: Stark Reflections Podcast
July 2018

Featured Writer on Wellness: Kerrie Flanagan: Writing and Wellness Blog
February 2015

Another DIY Interview with Kerrie Flanagan (and her muse): How and Why Kerrie Started Hot Chocolate Press
December 2015

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