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Kerrie Flanagan uses her 25+ years experience in the publishing industry as a freelance writer, author of 23 books and writing instructor to help writers  achieve their dreams.

Writing Services

Kerrie wants to help you increase the quality of your writing, support you in the self publishing process, and propel you toward writing success. 

Copying Down

Fiction, Nonfiction, Magazine articles, Novels, Personal Essays, Queries


Efficient and effective guidance through the self publishing process

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Support, tools and expertise to propel writers toward success

Your writing dreams can come true. Kerrie can help you.

Over the past 20 years, Kerrie has proven herself as an expert in the field of writing and publishing. As a successful freelance writer with hundreds of published articles and essays, an author of 23 books, a writing consultant with a track record of satisfied clients and an instructor at Stanford, along with conferences around the country, Kerrie has acquired the experience and skills to help writers elevate their writing careers. 


“I received pings of interest from agents/publishers on my manuscript, but wasn’t getting representation. I needed help from a professional editor. Kerrie showed me where my writing hindered the story and detracted from a reader’s experience. Her critique—which was specific, while encouraging—helped strengthen my manuscript, elevating it to a polished project ready to be pitched. Wow! I have learned so much working with Kerrie and am excited to query anew. My only regret is not seeking her services earlier. I highly recommend Kerrie Flanagan!” 

~Julia Ash

Author of The Eli Chronicles

"I reached out to Kerrie for a consultation for tips on breaking into the freelance world, particularly for magazines. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to. I gained so much from my one hour consultation, that I trusted her to critique/edit a very personal essay that I had just finished writing. Her suggestions were so helpful, with just simple structure changes that made the story stronger, while keeping the integrity of my writing and voice. I now feel more confident venturing out into the freelance world knowing I have Kerrie in my arsenal."  

~Meredith W.
Freelance Writer

"Your children’s writing class was so incredibly helpful to me and our one on one consulting time was the icing on the cake. You are a gifted teacher and author. I would highly recommend your class and consulting to anyone writing a book or magazine article ."

~Leigh Ann Gerk

Author of Dear Brave Friend

"It was in my brain, I didn’t know how to put it in print. Kerrie knew exactly how to get me started and, two books later, I’m working on number 3. My time with Kerrie has opened  a new world for me. Proud to have her as a consultant."

~Kim Curry
Author of: Come Get me Mother, I'm Through! and The Death of Fairness

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